Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Shift to Organic Color in Orange County, California

For the last 30 years I have been a stylist and colorist in Orange County, California. In that time, I have seen many beauty products and color lines rise and fall in popularity, which gave me the opportunity to try many things. I would never want to bash any of the other products I have used. In fact, I was extremely satisfied with many of these products for years, being a loyal user and salesperson caused my client-base to grow with happy, satisfied clients. However, being always ready to try out the new technologies in haircolor and products, I never stopped experimenting when new ideas came forth. But, nothing prepared me for the paradigm shift that occurred when I began using Organic Color.
The Organic Color Systems have allowed me to work in an environment with no fumes, which allows me to do color applications on those that may reject ordinary color lines, such as pregant women, children and people with allergies to chemicals. But the "green" reasons are just the beginning. My clients are more satisfied with the lasting color, calling me to extend their appointments for two more weeks because the color still looks great. The satisfaction of my clients os my number one goal and Organic Hair Color helps me to achieve this goal.

Martin Rodriguez
Ooh La La Salon and Spa
Fountain Valley, CA

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